Know the Truth About God’s Love and Stop Believing the Lies

Truth About God's Love

When you don’t know the truth, you are more likely to believe a lie or half-truths. When you believe a lie, you end up with many problems and issues that overwhelm you. Know that this is a ploy by the devil to eventually destroy your life and the beautiful plans that God has in store for you. Many of the lies you believe will eventually lead you to a downward spiral of depression, disappointments, fear, shame, anger, obsessions with food, dieting, or appearance, sexual sinaddictions, and so many other things that you cannot control. Author Dannah Greesh has written about this in her book and speaks about it on her blog and speaking events.

What is the truth in the first place? The truth may mean different things to different people, but we believe that the truth is the word of God (…sanctify them by the truth,  your word is truth. John 17:17). Anything besides the word of God, and what God represents is a lie.

This is What Happens When You Believe a Lie

When you have unpleasant experiences of bad things happening to you, when you always have misfortunes especially when other people are having good outcomes, you then conclude that God must be punishing you for the bad things you have done. You start to think that: surely, “I am reaping the rewards of my actions, God must be punishing me because of my sins or the bad things I have done.”

The good news is what you think (or believe) is not the truth. That is not who God is or what He does. So, you may ask: why are all the wrong things happening to me all the time? The truth is all these things may be happening to you because you are far away from God and you have made it difficult for Him to be involved in your life. God respects your choices and He will not force Himself on you or be involved in your life if you don’t invite Him to do so. When God is absent in any person’s life, the devil can operate there freely. The devil produces the lies you believe in because he is the father of all lies (John 8:44); these lies then lead to varying forms of misery, pain, and unfortunate incidents you may have experienced or are experiencing  because his mission is to steal from you, kill and destroy any good thing in your life (John 10:10).

This is What the Truth Does to the Lies You Have Believed

I want you to know the truth today. It is only the knowledge of the truth that can liberate you and set you free from all the misery, pain, misfortunes, and entanglements that have become very common in your life today. The Bible says: You shall know the truth, and the Truth shall make you free (John 8:32). The Bible also tells us what the truth is; Jesus speaking to the people announced to them saying “I am the way, the truth and the life…” (John 14:6). All the things you have believed before now are lies designed to destroy you. God wants you to know that He is your friend. He is not the unkind, difficult, and fierce God that you believe He is. God is a loving God, His love knows no bounds, He cares for you, He wants to be involved in your life, He wants to take away the misery and pain in your life and give you the joy, peace, and happiness that you really deserve.

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Let the Truth Come Into Your Life

God wants to be on your side, He wants to empower you so that you can experience victory in every aspect of your life, especially where you have failed before because if God is for you; nobody or nothing can overpower you (… if God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31). All you have to do is to let Him into your life, all that God is asking for is your permission for Him to come into your life. God does not force Himself on people (I stand at the door and knock… Revelations 3:20).

If you want to accept Him into your life, say this short prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, I know I have gone the wrong way and believed in lies that made me do the wrong things. I now believe that you are the Truth, and only You (the Truth) can save me. Please forgive and come into my life and save me from my sins. Change my life and help me to know You more. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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