Make a Difference – Pass Your Comfort Forward

How to make a differenceMaking a difference is not only for people who do not have personal problems to deal with. We have all faced some daunting problems in our lives before or maybe battling some challenges presently. These problems are of various kinds from the common challenges of everyday life to serious issues that are often determinants of life and death situations. At the height of our struggles with these situations, any hope of ever getting free from them usually seems like an illusion. We often think helplessly with bitterness and regrets about how we got into such a predicament. Then we realize that without help we cannot be free from these problems that have trapped us.

This is what happens in our lives when we get into addictions of every sort, and found ourselves trapped in all kinds of abusive situations. Sometimes, it could just be the effects of poverty and the suffering it brings into our lives. All these situations set the stage for so many other cascading scenarios that may get out of hand and beyond our control. Many of these situations usually have a terrible, sad and regrettable ending often resulting in death and irreparable loss.

There is Always a Way of Escape

However, somehow in the midst of chaos, God always finds a way of salvaging our lives from imminent destruction. Through His love and mercy for us, He always moves in a way we least expect and at the right time when we are at the end of our rope.

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There are people who found themselves in hopeless situations, and were even contemplating suicide because of the pain, shame and hopelessness of their situation. Just at the right time when they must have given up any hope, God always shows up and makes a way of escape and deliverance for them.

A New Opportunity

Such deliverance is like giving someone a second chance when they thought everything was all up. When God delivers, He also restores whatever was lost or destroyed. There are people who lost their self esteem and their lives did not have any meaning again because of abusive and addictive situations. Others were denied opportunities to a better life because of poverty situations, but when God delivers any person from such situations he also restores all that was lost. The good thing about God’s restoration is that it makes us to forget about any previous abusive or any negative situation that we have suffered. His grace lifts us to a point where people will not know or agree that we went through such situations, unless we tell them.

Share Your New Freedom

God does not expect us to keep our new found freedom and salvation to ourselves. He desires us to do whatever we can to bring that same comfort He has caused us to enjoy to somebody else who may be in that same situation that we were delivered from.

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For instance, if you experienced excruciating poverty and God has delivered you and blessed you; He expects you to find a way of being a blessing to some other people who are in that situation currently. He wants you to be His representative or messenger in their life; so that when you bless them, they will know that God has visited them.

Just Do Your Part

It is not the responsibility of one person to do everything. We may not be able to solve all the problems, but we can certainly take care of some of them. There are several things that we can do to make a difference and pass the comfort we have received forward. All you have to do is to identify something that is within your power to do and start doing it. The easiest thing to do could be to look back at what God has delivered you from, and think about how you can help people who are presently in that situation now. It may just be the information about what you did to get out of that situation that will make the difference. Do something to be a blessing to someone today. Think carefully and act on your thoughts.

How else do you think you can transfer the comfort you received to others? Please leave your comments below