Is Your God a God of the Miraculous?

Miraculous God

Ever wondered why people have different beliefs? What makes one person believe in Islam and another Buddhism, and yet another Christianity? Every one of these people may explain their reasons for their beliefs. Some may have come to believe because they were born into it; others may say that after some soul searching, they found a certain belief system to be synonymous with their personality. But I want to ask a question: should a person’s believe in a certain belief system be affected by supernatural acts? Will you still believe in a god who could not do anything out of the ordinary? I am aware of many belief systems that tell their followers to accept all life events as pre-determined, and if predetermined, then no room exist for expecting a change in those events.

But humans seek the super-natural, that is why we adore super-hero figures like Superman, Spiderman, the Hulk, and many others. We seek a hero who can come and change bad circumstances into good, one who can do the impossible, like raise the dead, heal the sick, execute justice on the wicked, and the list goes on. I personally know that I will want to believe in a god who could do the afore mentioned acts. What’s the point in giving allegiance to a deity that cannot do anything beyond what humans can possibly do? Let’s get this straight from the beginning; the presence of the supernatural should not be the determining factor in believing in a certain deity, but it definitely should be one of the influential factors.

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So now I present the case for a belief in the Christians’ God. When we go through the pages of the Bible, we come across several instances of the supernatural playing out in the lives of ordinary men. It seems the God of the Bible has a specialty in acts of the supernatural. From parting the Red Sea, to feeding millions with food from heaven, to raising the dead, and bringing out money from a fish’s mouth, the list of His miraculous works go on and on. I know that skeptics and some scientist have said this events cannot be confirmed to have taken place, but besides historical evidence to support their happenings, we see this same miracles taking place in the lives of people all over the world who call on the name of Jesus. Doctors have been left confounded by their inability to explain certain healings of incurable diseases, people have been mesmerized by supernatural provisions of money and supplies from sources they never expected, and yes, a few have been brought back from the dead with medical proof of their demise and present existence.

The God of the Bible doesn’t just do random acts of the supernatural. Let me give you some reasons why He does what He does: Firstly, that all the people of the earth know His name and fear Him (2 Chronicles 6:33). Secondly because He loves His own and is concerned for them. Isaiah 49:15 says- “Can a woman forget her nursing child, and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, yet I will not forget you.” The God of the Bible is involved in the affairs of those who He calls His children, how wonderful! Who doesn’t want a supernatural being they can personally identify with? Finally, He fights the “bad guys” that disturb and trouble His children. He prevents evil from prevailing over His own. What a wonderful God He is- a God who loves, forgives and yes, does the supernatural!


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