How to Make a Difference With Your Family

family-286229_640The effort that a family will invest in making a difference in any area of the society has the potential of causing lasting changes to take place. This is because a family is the basic and often considered the most important unit of the society. It is people or children who are raised in families that grow up to become the various players in different segments of the general public. Hence, if people are trained well in a family, they will grow up with those values and become change agents wherever they go. The family is a viable vehicle of transformation that can bring about enduring solutions to the myriad of problems in different areas of our lives and society today. Some of the practical things that a family can do to make a difference include -:

Teaching and Training Family Members

There is a popular saying that ‘You cannot give what you don’t have’. It takes a lot of diligent teaching and training to inculcate a discipline, especially in children. If your children are behaving in a certain manner you don’t like, it means you have not taught them well enough. It is what you put in them that they will eventually display in their lives as they grow up.

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If your children are going to grow up and become change agents, you must invest time and resources in teaching and training them. A true life story I read recently in Readers Digest illustrated this so well. The man could have died if he had not taught his sons to be kind and helpful to others in need. It turned out that he became that person in need when his sons helped save his life by chance. Our world can become a better place with people like this.

Volunteer Your Time

One of the things a family can do together to make a difference is to volunteer their time to serve or participate in a good cause. This could be any meaningful activity that will benefit somebody else. It can be participation in neighborhood, community or church activities that will result in transforming our environment or the lives of others. It will serve as an opportunity for the family to do activities and serve together. It will also bring about some bonding or family cohesiveness while the children learn vital lessons from these activities. Parents (fathers in particular) should always take the initiative to motivate their families to be involved in activities like this.

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Show Kindness to People in Need

Anywhere you are you will always find needy people around you. Most of these people are genuinely poor, some of them may be in that situation because of poor decisions they have made. But that should not prevent us from helping them as long as it is in our power to do so. Many times the things that these people need do not cost so much, we can inconvenience ourselves a little to be a blessing to them. Recently my wife told me about one of her customers and his family that adopted another family in need. The needy family had been living in a shelter without proper accommodation. So they decided to help them find a good accommodation and shop for new household items for them. These are the kind of things that we can do with our families to make a difference.

Adopt a Cause to Support

Another meaningful way that a family can make a difference is by identifying a cause and supporting it with their resources. It could be material support, financial support, or just encouragements for the people involved or affected. There are diverse organizations that are doing incredible charity work around us that we can be involved with financially. Many churches have organizations that are doing charity work that we can support financially. There are a lot of good  charity organizations that we can provide financial assistance to enable them to do what they are doing effectively. This will also be an avenue to teach your children or help your family members to learn how to set aside a small portion of their earnings to support good works like these in our communities or churches as the case maybe.

What other way do you think a family can make a difference? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments please.