Hit Peak Performance Using Essentialism Principles by Greg Mckeown

Book review Essentialism by Greg MckeownEssentialism the Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg Mckeown describes the concept of a systematic discipline in finding out what is absolutely important and focusing on it while eliminating every other thing else.

The author Greg Mckeown holds an MBA from Stanford University; he is a keynote speaker and conference speaker. He holds seminars and conferences where he teaches business leaders about the principles of essentialism. Greg also blogs for the Harvard Business Review.

[easyazon_link identifier=”0804137382″ locale=”US” tag=”httpwwwinf090-20″]The book[/easyazon_link] describes the importance of discerning what is important and what is not important with regards to your goals and objectives. It then breaks down the process and concepts that can be used to focus on the essential things in order to achieve the best results.

Greg uses several illustrations and profound stories to show the results that can be possible when a leader and indeed any person tasks himself/herself to discover things that are really important to their goals and to focus on them.

The author went at great lengths to explain and differentiate between people who are essentialists and people who are non-essentialists, the characteristics of the two groups, how they approach issues, and the kind of results they are most likely to get.

The book shows how maintaining focus on the right things can dramatically improve your productivity and help you achieve things that seem ordinarily impossible or difficult. It explains how it can be difficult to make choices, and the sacrifices that must come with choices and the things we end up losing if we fail to make these choices. This is a vital tool or resource for learning how to make decisions. It can be used in the process of making personal, family or business decisions.

If you find yourself being pulled in different directions on your work and you feel like you are hardly making any progress or you are unsatisfied with your achievements or performance, then this book is for you.

I love the sincerity in acknowledging the fact that the path of essentialism is not always an easy one, but in the long run it is always worth all the sacrifices because the end results almost always take care of the things that were seemingly lost. I also love the descriptions of simple methods by which essentialism can be approached and adapted easily without getting confused about what you are doing.

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In addition, I personally learned from the experiences and insights of various business leaders who adopted the principles of essentialism and how they transformed their businesses. It shows how and why a leader should have a clear focus, unambiguous goals, and the importance of communicating everything clearly to his team.

I will recommend the book to any person that wants to take responsibility for their lives, improve their performance, and anybody that wants to find out the things that are most essential to their lives. It is also a good book for various teams to help them have a common vision and work with a common goal. Leaders or anybody that takes responsibility for other people in any capacity should read this book and encourage the people you oversee to read it also.

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