Five Simple Things You Can Do to Make a Difference

5 simple things to do to make a differenceThere are several ways we can make a difference in the lives of people especially as an individual. It is a lot easier for one person to make a decision to do something or not to do something because there are fewer competing interests. If a couple or a group wants to make a decision, it is more likely to take more time than what an individual will need to make the same decision. Hence, there are inherent advantages that you as a person can utilize to make the lives of others better. Of course, these actions are not limited to individuals only, but this is meant to make the act of doing good to others to be as simple as possible.

Follow Your Heart

One of the easiest ways of identifying the best thing to do that will bring about a great difference in the life of another person or group of people is listening to your heart. Many times when we become uncomfortable and dissatisfied with a situation it may be an indicator of what we should be involved in correcting. Sometimes, it can just be unselfish or generous thoughts that we keep pondering upon in our minds. As long as it is within your power to do something about it, go ahead and start it. You never can tell how big that small thought (seed) will grow to become, and how many lives you will change over time.

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Encourage Somebody

Sometimes the easiest way to make a difference in the life of somebody else may just be to encourage them. May be you have experienced what the other person is going through and have overcome it. It can be very difficult to see beyond the problem confronting you during difficult times, but it can also be very encouraging when somebody is there to tell you that you will get through it and overcome it. The words you say to people to encourage them are very powerful, and they have the potential of strengthening that person and helping them overcome the problem. Hence, never think that there is no point trying to encourage somebody.

Support Somebody

You will sometimes have to take a step further after encouraging somebody. You may have to give them some support to help them through that difficult situation. Some people will do just fine with only words of encouragement, but others will need some form of support to be able to overcome the situation before them. This step may require us to spend our resources and be a blessing to the person in need. It could mean using our finances or other material resources to bring about comfort and encouragement to others. Let us not hesitate to do it as much as it is in our power to do it.

Defend Somebody

This is almost like supporting people in need but it is different from it. When somebody is being treated unjustly or oppressed, we owe it to God not to turn a blind eye or keep quiet about it. As much as we can, we should learn to speak up for people who are less privileged and who may not be able to defend themselves. This category of people includes children, the poor, and other less privileged people among us. You do not need to physically stand up for them; you can report such incidents or practices to the relevant authorities. For instance, if you know or suspect any situation of forced labor, child abuse, human trafficking etc. report such cases to the authorities near you. Don’t keep quiet; you will be saving lives by doing so.

Pray for Somebody

This is the least that you can do to make a difference in the lives of people around you. Always remember to pray for people you have encouraged or supported, or people that you know are going through challenging situations.

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Do not just pay lip service to it, but always try and pray for other people during your time of prayer. As you put others first, God will take care of your own issues. Do not forget to pray for someone today!

What other ways do you think we can make a difference as a person? Please leave your comments below