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Book review Art of work book by jeff goins

[easyazon_link identifier=”0718022076″ locale=”US” tag=”httpwwwinf090-20″]The Art of Work[/easyazon_link] – a proven path to discovering what you were meant to do is written by Jeff Goins. This book describes how anybody can make a difference with their life. The author has featured amazing stories of people he interviewed himself, people who through the various circumstances of their lives were able to discover their purpose. And it changed everything about them and how they lived thereafter.

The book shows an outline or roadmap that anyone can use to find out their calling (what you were born to do). It can serve as a guide that will enable you to master what you have discovered (about your life work) as well as how you can create a legacy and lifelong impact from it.

Jeff Goins is a man of many parts, he lives a portfolio lifestyle (read the book to know what this means), he is an author of many books, a conference and keynote speaker, and he is also a blogger. He is passionate about blogging and helping other writers and aspiring authors to find their voice, build their platform or fan base. He also trains these groups of people or anybody that has a unique message on how to communicate that message publicly in a unique manner.  He shares his stories, insights, lessons and resources on his blog and podcast, and also at his trainings.

The Art of Work book makes it very easy to discover and understand what our calling could be. This is one aspect of our lives that many people have found it so difficult to unravel, and it has often led to wasteful pursuits and engagement it work that never brings fulfillment. Jeff describes how we can find out what our calling is, deriving from his personal experience and the experience of several other people he interviewed personally.

Many of us can connect with the experiences that are shared, or at least those experiences will give us the illumination we need to discover our purpose. The stories (true life stories) of these ordinary people (like you and me) are so profound that they will prompt you to start thinking of how you can take action and set your life on the right course.

The book also describes how you can take action to get started on when you have found out your calling. Some of the stories here will encourage you if you are at this stage of your life and you are wondering if the whole thing is worth pursuing at all.

The last part of the book looks at how you can become very proficient in your work and leave a legacy that you will be remembered for.

This book will help you to answer some of the most mind-boggling questions that we often have about work, relationships, money, and fulfillment. It will help you to bring some order in your life and reconsider some of the decisions you are making if you want to have a fulfilled life.

The author has also created an appendix section that contains a summary of everything that was communicated in the book, an outline that shows you signs that you have found your calling and exercise and a brief exercise to help you to take action immediately with the things you have learned.

I will recommend the book – [easyazon_link identifier=”0718022076″ locale=”US” tag=”httpwwwinf090-20″]The Art of Work[/easyazon_link] by Jeff Goins to any person that wants to live a meaningful life, discovering and fulfilling their purpose and leaving a legacy for themselves.

 The book can be purchased on [easyazon_link identifier=”0718022076″ locale=”US” tag=”httpwwwinf090-20″]Amazon[/easyazon_link].

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