Dare to Dream – Why You Shouldn’t Let Any Situation Kill Your Dream!

Dare to dream why you must dream

Life can be very unfair sometimes. When you find yourself in situations or circumstances that you think you do not deserve, how do you respond?

Life happens; at some point in our lives we will all have this kind of situation before us, and if you are wondering what I am talking about sooner or later you may have such an experience.

We all have dreams and desires for a better life for ourselves isn’t it? This is what often motivates you to take action in order to see your dreams come true. However, it just happens that we sometimes end up with results that we did not expect or bargained for. When you find yourself in this seemingly unfortunate circumstances, you have an option either to be angry and bitter or to be thankful and trust God to help you through it.

You may have started a business hoping to be successful but you end up losing everything. I have seen  (and personally experienced) situations where you will be doing so well, then a sudden turn of events just leaves you devastated and at the mercy of others.

Should we become averse to pursuing the dreams that God has put in our hearts for the fear of the unknown and just stay with the things that we are familiar with? Let’s consider some insights on how Joseph handled the unpleasant situation he found himself in as a result of his dreams.

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Joseph went through several unfortunate incidents that should have left him bitter, resentful, and vengeful but he never in any way yielded himself to such feelings. Now let’s get it straight, he was not superhuman, all the people at that time were real human beings like you and I subject to the same feelings and challenges that we deal with today.

He Dared to Dream

At least with the benefit of hindsight, imagine what could have happened if Joseph never had any dreams, or maybe if he didn’t express his dreams. He probably would have remained a ‘daddy’s boy’ running errands for his father and taking care of him all his life – which isn’t bad. It’s just that he would never have become all that God wanted him to be. He would never have lived his life to its full potential. Don’t be afraid to share the dreams that God has put in your heart with people around you, especially those that love and care for you. The dreams, desires, and visions are the inner promptings and signposts that indicate to us the things that God wants to do in our lives. So let’s be careful not to close our hearts against these desires, they have the potential to transform our lives if we nurture them and trust God to lead us in making them a reality.

It’s Not About You

The dreams were actually not about him but it was a pathway for the preservation of Israel from famine and indeed the world at that time. Most of the time, the dreams, desires, and visions that God decides to place in our hearts are things that are bigger than us. Joseph appeared to be arrogant before his family because of the dreams, but in the real sense, the dreams were not (selfishly) about Joseph.

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They were meant to prepare him for a cause that was far bigger than him. God only wanted to prepare him and use him as an agent that will preserve His covenant to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well as preserve lives from famine. God knew what was coming in the future, so he made preparations ahead of time even when nobody knew what was going to happen in the next 20 – 30 years.

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

The dreams and visions that God has put in your heart are not exclusively for you. God’s intentions are far bigger than you, and if your dreams are all about just you and your family, then you need to dream again. Don’t let the magnitude of the dreams you have scare you, rather trust God that He will use you to bring it to pass. Remember, God will never reveal everything to you at once; the desires and dreams that you have now are just a tip of the iceberg when you see what He will do through you eventually.

What kind of feelings do you have when you think about the dreams and desires that you have? Do you feel comfortable sharing your dreams with others? Please share it with us. Feel free to share your dreams also in the comments, we will love to hear them.

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